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Nutrition Q & A

Concerns About Artificial Sweeteners?

By Michael J. Porter, Jr., CHT.


Q:  Is sucralose a safer alternative sweetener?

A: Sucralose is marketed as Splenda, it’s promoted as being safer than other noncaloric artificial sweeteners because, according to the Splenda Web site, sucralose “passes through the body without being broken down,” and “of the small amount that is absorbed (around 15 percent), most leaves the body unchanged in the urine within 24 hours.”

But a new study shows that the sucralose absorbed by the body may have a lasting impact. Researchers at Duke University Medical Center found that sucralose “significantly decreased” total aerobic bacteria (healthy bacteria) in the gut.

A disruption in the gut’s bacteria balance can affect metabolism, digestion and immunity. It also increases the risk of bowel diseases and inflammatory skin conditions. Remember, 60% of the Immune System resides in the intestine.

The safer choice is always the natural choice. The safest noncaloric sweetener is Stevia and it can be found in packets, powder and drops.

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